Die-Washing Machines

For the new V.F.R. modular series of Die-Washing Machines we chose a ROUND line to improve also in terms of design. The great real advantage derived from the roundness of the tank, of the motorized cover and of the lateral extension is to help the self- cleaning action and to aid the cleaning of all parts. The extraction and recovering system of washing waste is also much easier.

The automatic screw separator, placed inside the washing tank, immediately removes the pasta waste from the washing area as it is removed from the dies. Afterwards, the waste will be collected into the proper container (predisposed for this particular settling sys- tem) permitting further separation of the waste from the water.

The round shape of the tank allows the remaining sediments to settle in the tank’s water discharge area, which can be easily seen and accessed for effortless cleaning. The electronic control panel allows to personalize and optimize the washing cycles according to die dimensions and to run the ma- chine maintenance.

All our machines use common brand electric components, of pres- tigious and trustworthy brands, instead of custom-made and dedicated
 components which can originate availability’s problems. All V.F.R. die-washing machine series are equipped with a particular new “antifoam-system” that allows to reduce the water con- sumption. Moreover, if requested, it is possible to equip the machine with a die dryer system at washing end.

NEW Series:

UNIMEDI, SIMPLEX and DUPLEX A restyling of the well-known die-washing machines UNIMEDI, SIMPLEX and DU- PLEX, cheaper and addressed mainly to the pasta factories of small and medium dimensions.

NEW MINI To wash dies till diameter of 250 mm., the perfect machine for laboratory and small pasta factories.