Die washing machines available in different models to clean round dies and rectangular dies for satisfying the demands of Pasta and Snack production plants.

Serie V.F.R.: The structure of the machine in stainless steel has been designed with a special ROUND line of the tank, the cover and the lateral extensions which, besides improving the design itself, guarantees a self-cleaning action of the internal surfaces, facilitating also the extraction and recovery system of washing waste. The round line of the machine allows the solid pasta waste to convey in the discharge zone of the tank itself, clearly visible and accessible for an easy and fast cleaning.

Serie New: The restyling of the well-known die-washing machines UNIMEDI, UNIMAXI, SIMPLEX and DUPLEX, cheaper and targeted also to pasta factories of small and medium dimensions.

The semi-squared shape of the machine, still easily accessible for cleaning need, allows to propose a cheaper machine in comparison with series VFR.

New Mini: machine for washing dies up to the diameter of 250mm, perfect for laboratories and small pasta factories. A die washing machine with simple pneumatic system for die rotation and washing arm movement.

Electric board on board of the machine with timer for washing cycle duration.
Pump group support and containment base.

Super-Mini: Version complete with water recovery tank and pump group support


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