The die washing room and accessories

Essential for any pasta factory is the die washing room well equipped with various die cleaning and maintenance accessories and with lifting accessories necessary to safely move the dies with the hoist which shall serve the whole working area divided into dry, wet and maintenance zone.

A: Wet Area: including soaking tanks (if used), die washing machine with its corresponding pump group, drainage for water discharge and, where necessary, sticks washing machine to wash the various sticks of the long goods press.

B: Dry Area: predisposed with die racks where storing the clean dies ready to be moved to production with proper stainless steel trolleys, save die filters racks.

C: Maintenance Area: equipped with a specific working table for inserts assembling/disassembling and die control and with various cabinets to store the new series of inserts with their corresponding tools, blades, knives and miscellaneous spare parts.


STICKS WASHING MACHINE: Manual stick washing machine in stainless steel. Equipped with wheels for easy handling, motor, electric board, washing brushes and special detergent distributor on board of the machine.

Niccolai Trafile is available to prepare customized die washing room layouts in accordance with the dimensions and requirements of every customer.


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