The range of the cutting groups for short goods, angle cut (penne) and straight cut macaroni

The turnable head of our cutting groups allows to guarantee the reduction in operating time both for dies change and cutting cones loading (Penne production) and to work in symbiosis with one or more stamping machine, under the same press, thus reducing the time of equipment set-up avoiding to move the machines when production switches from short goods to stamped shapes (and vice versa).

Integrated into the turnable head there is a knife shaft group equipped with a reduction gear powered by an asynchronous motor. As standard equipment of the cutting group its is provided knives with one, two or three blades. Knives with up to six blades can be provided for particular short good shapes and soup shapes production. Knives with ventilated blades can be supplied, upon request, for Snack product cut.

A LED lighting system optimizes the vision of the cutting surface during production.

NEW SOLUTIONS of customized fixing which allow big operating spaces when the production switches from short goods to stamped shapes in combination with one or more stamping machines:

  • Presstrapen GT: translating structure on linear guides. This solution, still fixed to a column, allows the transversal movement of the whole Presstrapen machine
  • Presstrapen DS: structure with double joint device. This solution implements the movements of standard machine adding a rotation axis to the fixing structure of the machine allowing the total rotation, thus leaving space to the operation area necessary for stamping machines

Our cutting groups perfectly suit every single request, since they integrate with all types of presses, either of new plants or in revamping plants for Pasta and Snack production, and can be easily positioned with one or more stamping machine, under the same press thus avoiding to remove the machines when production switches from short goods to stamped shapes (and vice versa)


Fast and in safety for dies, cutting cones and knives.

The turnable head allows to perform in absolute safety also all the maintenance operations of the die surface as well as the press discharge, without running the risk of damaging it.

The DISCHARGE PRODUCT CHUTE is completely transparent to easily and conveniently control the shape extrusion during production; with a simple rotation of the chute, it is possible to discharge the product into a separate container, rather than into the shaker, during the production start-up operations.

Moreover, according to the production requirements and press diameter, the transparent chute is integrated by an additional stainless steel chute (double chute direct cut/penne) which directly discharges the product into the frames (drawers) of the shaker thus avoiding its leakage.

PATENDED SYSTEM: New knife shaft group, with Brushless coaxial motorization, invented to eliminate the traditional transmission with reduction gear, with the aim of improving the ventilation in the shape cutting area in addition to conveying a better transport of the cut product towards the shaker.

This solution is also high-performing for intermittently operating cutting group applications (e.g.: production of shape Cannelloni).

PATENTED SYSTEM: Digital videocamera, positioned inside the Presstrapen head, which transmits real time images of the shape extrusion/cut to a supervisor. The video signal can be handled by any PC on the network to be visualized by the authorized users. This solution allows the operators, thus remaining in the control room or in other Pasta factory areas, to simultaneously check the proper functioning of all cutting groups which are equipped with this device.


Presstrapen lifts up thanks to a pneumatic system on linear guides which guarantees the constant contact of the knife with the die without the need of any mechanic or electric locking system of its movement in working position.

Each component of the Presstrapen family offers movements, translations and rotations suitable to integrate into plants of any type and complexity, optimizing the available spaces as well as the procedures for die change and maintenance.


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