Spearhead of Niccolai Trafile’s production, the stamping machines Sfoglia/600, SF1000 and SF1300, for the production of “Pasta Bologna”, represent a good combination between versatility and solidity.

The results obtained in the advanced automation and an accurate sheet management in machines allow to minimize the waste of time in the stamping die change and production starts.

With only 2 operators it is possible to rapidly start up as many as four stamping machines completely eliminating the operation of stamping die adjustment at stamping machines startup .

In addition, it is no more necessary for the operator to be always present during the productive cycle, as in the past. With our systems, the production of shapes “Farfalle”, in terms of simplicity and operativity, is comparable to the one of the short goods, keeping a constant level of quality of the shape along the whole productive cycle even if working at high speeds, combining more productivity along with ease of use.

All the machines have been designed and developed always taking into the utmost account the security of the operators and the EC rules.


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