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Die washing
machines range.

Die washing machines range.

Die washing machines available in different models to clean round dies and rectangular dies for satisfying
the demands of Pasta and Snack production plants.

Serie V.F.R.: The structure of the machine in stainless steel has been designed with a special ROUND line of the tank, the cover and the lateral extensions which, besides improving the design itself, guarantees a self-cleaning action of the internal surfaces, facilitating also the extraction and recovery system of washing waste. The round line of the machine allows the solid pasta waste to convey in the discharge zone of the tank itself, clearly visible and accessible for an easy and fast cleaning.
Serie New: The restyling of the well-known die-washing machines UNIMEDI, UNIMAXI, SIMPLEX and DUPLEX, cheaper and targeted also to pasta factories of small and medium dimensions.

The semi-squared shape of the machine, still easily accessible for cleaning need, allows to propose a cheaper machine in comparison with series VFR.
New Mini: machine for washing dies up to the diameter of 250mm, perfect for laboratories and small pasta factories. A die washing machine with simple pneumatic system for die rotation and washing arm movement.
Electric board on board of the machine with timer for washing cycle duration. Pump group support and containment base.
Super-Mini: Version complete with water recovery tank and pump group support

New Unimedi

New Unimaxi



New Duplex

New Simplex SC

Super Mini

Control panel on board of machine

Soundproofed pump group

Die washing machine: NEW VFR 3

Sliding system

80 bar



The automatic screw separator, placed inside the washing tank, immediately removes from the washing area the pasta come out from the die and collect it in a proper plastic container on steal base on wheels. The container is equipped with a sensor which guarantees its correct positioning and with a particular settling system which, by further separating pasta waste from water, avoids unpleasant odors. The screw separator, thanks to the measures described,
guarantees the maximum hygiene for the machine itself
• The models “New Simplex/Duplex” and upon request the other machines of Series NEW, are equipped with a manual screw separator with a stainless steel extractable drawer with filtering net. The drawer extraction is mainly used with Snack, Gluten free and Animal feed dies/extruders
• A level sensor connected to the PLC allows to automatically control the solenoid valve for the water replenishment inside the tank to keep the level constant thus avoiding the dry start of the pump
• Both the water for the tank replenishment and the anti-foam system are controlled by two diaphragm solenoid valves.
As an option it is possible to equip the machine with air-operated valves
• In case of washing cycle with high-pressure pump, the washing arms are equipped with differentiated nozzles to wash the entry product side and the exit product side so as not to damage the inserts with Teflon extrusion.
Differentiated speed of the washing arms and of rotation/translation of the dies which, together with the modulated speed oscillation system of the washing arms and the nozzles distribution, allows to optimize the washing cycle regardless of die shape and die holes pattern.

• Arms oscillator with anti-accidents device
Piston pump motor group on a base with stainless steel casing
Leveling feet (except New Simplex and New Duplex)

Antifoam-system to reduce the water consumption (Optional for NEW)
Die drying system and/or implementation with sanitization and rinse circuit at the end of the washing cycle (Optional for VFR & NEW)
Soundproofing of pump group. Electric board in painted steel (or in stainless steel upon request) with electronic control panel available in two versions:
4” color touch screen display combined with Logo Siemens PLC to control the washing cycles according to the dimensions of the dies, manage the machine maintenance, alarm diagnostic and the remote assistance (optional)
7” color touch screen display combined with a S7 Siemens PLC to easily program the washing time, the type and dimensions of the dies to wash, the arms and die movement speed, the alarm diagnostic and the remote
assistance (optional). All our machines use common brand electric components, of prestigious and trustworthy brands, instead of custom-made and dedicated components which may originate problems of availability.

Mini Series.